Morning Basket/Bible

Each day on site begins with morning basket and Bible time. A Gentle Feast's schedule is used to introduce and expose the students to various artists, composers, hymns, poems, memory verses, and Bible lessons throughout the year.


Math with Confidence K is used for Kindergarten. Apologia's Exploring Creation with Mathematics is used for grades 1-3. Math concepts are introduced and reinforced during on-site days with teacher-led lessons and many opportunities for hands-on learning, math games, and trivia. Written work is mostly completed on days at home when following the recommended weekly lesson plans.

Grades 4-6 bring in written work from their choice of math curriculum for on-site days and also receive weekly instruction on various grade-appropriate concepts that are solidified through hands-on activities and games. Students continue to work through their choice of math curriculum during their days at home. (Assistance with choosing the math curriculum that best suites the student and family is available upon request.)

Language Arts/Phonics

Grades K-1 work through Logic of English Foundations levels A-D both on-site and at home. Students are taught various phonograms and spelling rules on-site through a multisensory approach and continue the lessons at home with this well-scripted, open-and-go style curriculum when following the recommended weekly lesson plans.

Grades 2-6 use Learning Language Arts Through Literature. This curriculum includes grammar, poetry, literature, spelling, copy work, narration, dictation, and some writing. This book is used for both at-home and on-site learning.

Grades 4-6 also incorporate classic literature studies (read at home) and writing instruction during on-site days.


Grades K-3 enjoy outdoor nature study with exploration, hands-on learning, nature journaling, and more.

Grades 4-6 use Apologia's Exploring God's Creation Through Science series (both textbook and journal are provided). The students cycle through a different unit each year. The 2021-2022 school year, the students will focus on Earth Science. Reading and journaling are done mostly at home with an emphasis on teaching, experiments, and hands-on learning on site.


Grades K-1 read through Beautiful Feet's Around the World with Picture Books which gives them a close look at many various countries around the globe using rich literature.

Grades 2-3 work through Beautiful Feet's Early American History pack. This approach helps the students learn and retain the history of our nation through the use of living books and oral narration.

Grades 4-6 cycle through Story of the World with one volume per year. The 2021-2022 school year will focus on Volume 1. Students read through this engaging book of history and complete various activities at home with a focus on teaching, review, and hands-on activities to solidify the information on site.


Grades 2-3 work through The Children's Atlas of God's World touching on various countries with a focus on well-known missionaries who have reached each particular people group in an impactful way.

Grades 4-6 read through Beautiful Feet's Geography Through Literature pack which brings geography to life through living books and hands-on activities.

At-Home Recommendations (Not Required)


Bible: Jesus Storybook Bible

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Science: God's Design for Life for Beginners

History: My Story 1

First Grade 

Bible: Jesus Storybook Bible

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Science: Adventures in Creation

History: My Story 2

Second Grade

Bible: More Than Words 1

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Science: Adventures in the Physical World

History: Notgrass Our Star-Spangled Story (Part 2 for 2021-2022)

Third Grade

Bible: More Than Words 1

Handwriting: Handwriting Without Tears

Science: Adventures on Planet Earth

History: Notgrass Our Star-Spangled Story (Part 2  for 2021-2022)

4th-6th Grade

Bible: More Than Words 2

Writing: TBA

History: One of the history encyclopedia recommendations noted in the Story of the World Volume 1 Activity Book

Extra Elective Suggestions: Typing, Art, Foreign Language, Health, Life Skills, Music, Handicrafts, Critical Thinking/Logic, Home Economics

Additional Information

*Only workbooks used on-site are provided by GAA. Please see our detailed list HERE which specifies what is provided by GAA and what must be purchased separately by the parent/caregiver for use at home.

*A separate at-home science and history curriculum is not necessary for the lower elementary levels but some recommendations are included for those who desire to do more at home. Weekly lesson plans for at home will not include assignments for these recommendations.