Middle School

5th-8th Grade

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Our middle school program serves 5th-8th grade homeschoolers. This option for your older student also meets Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9am-3pm and offers slightly longer class times to allow for deeper exploration into subject matter and lengthier projects and experiments. The program includes core subjects of math, reading, and writing using a multifaceted approach that implements book work, literature studies, and project-based learning. Students will explore various topics from science, history, and geography through comprehensive unit studies. We seek to expose students to a variety of electives such as church history, art, music, sign language, physical education, life skills, and more all presented in fun and engaging lessons. Lesson plans are provided for your studies at home, and students at this age, while not required, are strongly encouraged to use curriculum that coincides with our program in order to foster a more unified and comprehensive learning experience. Current classes offered and curriculum choices are listed below. Enrollment for the middle school program 2024-2025 will open March 15th! The enrollment application can be found HERE.

Classes Offered:

  • Writing/Literature Study - Students will read and study rich literature, write various types of essays related to their reading, review grammar concepts with Daily Grams, and be introduced to Shakespeare. Writing instruction is derived from Jump In Writing.
  • Mathematics - Word Problems, Division, Fractions, and Decimals up through Pre-Algebra will be covered using Math-U-See.
  • Science/History/Geography - Students will explore history and the science and geography of our world through unit-based studies focusing on a variety of topics throughout the school year.
  • Church History- How Jesus Built His Church
  • Electives- Art, Music, American Sign Language, Physical Education, Life Skills

Recommended for At-Home Study: